Spring Speciality Dish


Tsukeba recipe is a local speciality dish in springtime served around Ueda region in Nagano Prefecture.

In spring, red nuptial color is the major characteristic of this fish, Haya(or Ugui), Tribolodon hakonensis. Tsukeba dish is seasonally served only in the region and the taste of this freshwater fish is bland.

“Tsukeba” fishing is a way of catching the fish and it has long history since Edo Period(1603-). Unfortunately, the number of the serving restaurants is decreasing and there are only two in 2016 according to the cook I met today.

SO, it would be a great opportunity to experience a local culture if you like local specialities. 🙂


Tel: +81-268-36-0735

(Reservation is required)

Have a nice trip!!


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