inbound visitors to Japan

The number of visitors to Japan is rapidly increasing from all over the world.

However, from my perspective, facilities are Not ready for such a big number of travelers as the industry had been paying attention to ONLY domestic customers, outbound travelers. The lack of accommodation such as hotels is a major issue that the industry needs to re-think about. The situation is changing by looking ahead to hosting 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo but travel related law, which is old-fashioned, is still a big hurdle and protecting domestic business from newcomers such as Airbnb.

In addition, many tourist facilities are very old and uncomfortable because many of them were built during the rapid economic growth in 1960s/1970s and there’s no change since then. Ski areas and seaside huts are typical examples.

I have experience that I could complete one year of my first foreign trip(!) when I was young thanks to rich support from local people. So,,, I’ve been always looking for a business opportunity that I can return something to visitors to my country, Japan.

It would be great if we could share any comments and opinions focusing on our overseas trip such as inconvenience.

I hope I would be able to launch a new business to support many tourists. 🙂


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