dual display

Now my Macbook has multiple screens!



barcode app?

I’m looking into developing an app, which works with barcode, but not sure if it contributes to our daily life/convenience..

Any comments are welcome so that I can move forward..



May 5, Children’s Day, a national holiday!

Once celebrated as Boy’s Day, the tradition of flying carp streamers on a pole to wish the healthy growth of boys is still observed as part of the holiday.

Have a nice trip!!

Hey Fever


In springtime, hey fever is commonly caused by cedar pollen and people wear a mask to deal with that.

This is the result from reforestation policies after World War II as cryptomeria and Japanese cypress trees were  an important resource for the construction industry.

As a result, they started to produce large amounts of pollen.

Springtime is approaching


The Japanese people feel the arrival of springtime by various ways and cherry blossom is well-known.

Prior to full-blown Somei-Yohino, which is the most popular variety of cherry blossom in the country, another type of tree, called Kawazu-zakura(see pic attached), tells the advent of spring much earlier.

It’s getting warm and, yes, time to go out!!! Are you ready?